The development of Natura’s new concept of retail stores was developed for Brazil and adapted to
other markets. In the process of more than a year, together with several creative and technical teams,
we developed the architectural pattern that will be implemented in more than three hundred stores.

natura metro ilana
natura metro ilana blesser
METRO Natura 225 1
METRO Natura 210 1

The materials and techniques were chosen for the project to blend traditional knowledge with
advanced manufacturing capabilities. And thus promoting a balance between craft tradition and
contemporary industry while maintaining their natural look.

METRO Natura 390 1
natura metro ilana blesser
METRO Natura 017 1

The islands arranged in the middle of the store have organic shapes and offer experiences to the
costumers. Even though the walls have the products in a conventional commercial way, a visual area
was marked – warm zone – to guide the visitor through the narratives to be created.

technical information

Client: Natura
Project date: 2018
Architectural design: Martin Corullon, Gustavo Cedroni, Paula Dal Maso, Rafael de Sousa, Amanda
Amicis, Marina Ioshii
Lighting design: Design da Luz – Fernanda Carvalho e Paula Carnelós
Structure: L2C
Photos: Ilana Blesser