Project developed for the International Contest promoted by the Accor Group with the aim of rethinking the concept of Hotel Novotel, the Group’s first brand. Contemplated and awarded in first place, it is being implemented in some units of the network.

The conceptual basis  proposes a new hospitality experience based on understanding the Hotel as an urban facility, with public services and uses in which both guests can interact with the city and local citizens can enjoy this semi-public space.



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The interiors were designed with maximum flexibility for the use of spaces and design elements. They can be adapted for various occasions and needs. Through a system of modular prefabricated elements – where large-scale replication allows to make complex details in an economical way – structural furniture and concrete partitions are proposed that organize the space

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The architectural concept also reflects the hotel tradition of the Accor brand, created in 1967, when thinking about the balance of elements – simple, timeless and elegant. The project was conceived under the premise of durability, good aging and the use of non-perennial materials. In this way, the Hotel, in the future, can be revamped with new combinations of furniture, decoration and weaving making use of the same structural architectural base.


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Technical information

Project name: Accor Novotel


Team: Gustavo Cedroni, Martin Corullon, Fabiane Sakai, Oreste Sanese and Tiago Nicoletti

Type: Hosting

Project date: March, 2020 Lighting Consultant: Ricardo Heder

Acoustic Consulting: Acoustic Harmony

Concrete consultancy: Paulo Koelle

Visual communication: Pamela Gomes

Virtual Reality: Vround

Photography: Fran Parente