Habitado is a multimedia project proposed by the photographer  IlanaBessler, that has been developed from images gathered over the past two years.

Ilana defined a radius of action in downtown Sao Paulo and proposed to photograph the interior of the houses, in order to document the lives of their inhabitants. The works explore objects charged with personal histories, which are presented alongside the minute daily actions that reveal aspects of identity. The images arrive at a particular sense of aesthetic banality: the scene that represents no commemorative occasion; a disordered atmosphere, which is the opposite of prepared, of the iconic, of the memorable. This is the song of the house, of ordinary actions, objects and their traces; a series of indices, which carry with them the lived dimension of life.


Over the course of single day, the first edition of the project took place in the Casa Bento Noronha in March 2016. Taking the format of an open atelier, the proposal was to bring these small fragments of everyday life to a house without memory; images and videos that invite the public to pass through the space and experience the interlinking of art with the architecture of the place. The mode of exhibiting the works also has a relation with the everyday informality pictured in the images: battens and sheets of plywood nailed together and simply supported on the walls. A collection of experiences collated through makeshift exhibition design and frameless images.

technical information

Project Date: March 2016
Address: Rua Coronel Bento Noronha, 190
Exhibition Area: 438 m²
Exhibition Design: Martin Corullon, Gustavo Cedroni, Helena Cavalheiro, Marina Ioshii, Juliana Ziebell
Production: Fabiana Steele
Photography: Ilana Bessler & Gianfranco Vacani [assistant]
Thanks to: Artos Comércio de Móveis Ltda