A project of a multipurpose auditorium for the Institute of Management 99e Environmental and Agricultural Certification – Imaflora. The program consists of the construction of a new pavilion at the company’s headquarters in Piracicaba, which would include an auditorium for different capacities, meeting rooms and a café. The proposal was to organize the program in an apparent concrete base: in the center the auditorium with retractable stands allowing various configurations, the reception on one end and the coffee on the other, on the first floor the meeting rooms. The roof consists of a structure of laminated wood frames that filter light in different ways in each of the spaces that permeate it.

technical information

Client: Instituto de Manejo e Certificação Ambiental e Agrícola – Imaflora
Project date: outubro de 2012
Site area: 750,00 m²
Built area: 3 505,00 m²
Architectural project: Gustavo Cedroni, Martin Corullon, Anna Ferrari.
Collaborators: Bruno Jin Young Kim, Filipe Barrocas, Flavio A. D. Bragaia, Francisca Lopes, Isadora Marchi, Luis Tavares, Marcelo E. M. Macedo, Marina Ioshii, Rafael de Sousa Silva.
Structure: Ita Construtora, Eng. Hélio Olga.
Electric project: PKM, Walter T. Oda Jr.
Hydraulics: Usina, Juliana Martimbianco.
Air conditioning: Termodatta, Luis Guilherme B. Santos.
Acoustics: Harmonia, Marcos Holtz.