The expographic project developed for the “Quilombo: life, problems and aspirations of black people” exhibition, showing at the Lago Gallery/Inhotim Institute until July 16th 2023, intended to create expographic supports that allow the subtle arrangement of works based on thematic nuclei without creating enclosed spaces and maintaining the connection between the whole set of works.

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The Lago Gallery presented spatial challenges from being a deep space with tall ceilings. Its geometry creates voids that allow the visualization of each nucleus without losing spatial unity. There was an interest in creating a system of supports that catered to the particularities of each work, while still maintaining visual and constructive unity once that, even though the majority of works displayed were paintings, there was a diversity of techniques, dimensions, styles and colors. The whole system was conceived to allow for is re-use in future showings at the Institute.


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video @ Instituto Inhotim




Technical Specifications:

Project name: Quilombo: life, problems and aspirations of black people


Team: Gustavo Cedroni, Martin Corullon, Stella Bloise, Costanza Leoni, Vitória de Mendonça

Type: Expographic

Project Date: November 2022

Luminotecnic Consultant: Fernanda Carvalho

Visual Identity: Estúdio Campo/

Fotos: Daniel Manur/Instituto Inhotim

Vídeo: Instituto Inhotim