TERRA COMUNAL- MARINA ABRAMOVIC + MAI came to life at SESC Pompeia after a year and a half of studies and development with the artist. The exhibition was divided into two parts: “Terra Comunal – Marina Abramovic” – the artist’s biggest-ever retrospective in South America, and “Terra Comunal – MAI” – The Marina Abramovic Institute’s most ambitious undertaking to date.

This exhibition project aimed to develop a clear and legible intervention that would be capable of standing out against the particular characteristics of Lina Bo Bardi’s iconic building. At the same time, the design aimed to work with the unique energy of these spaces, respecting their material integrity and maintaining their diversity of use during the period of display.

In the Espaço de Convivência – or The Living Area – two long walls were suspended from the roof, defining the principal circulation route through the space. These also formed private, silent spaces for better appreciation of specific works. Any further exhibition elements were carefully placed to maintain a clear view of the building’s interior from floor to ceiling.

The area known as Galpão – or The Shed – was entitled ‘In Between’ and functioned as a public square where artists, resident researchers, and visitors could meet to exchange ideas and expand their knowledge of performance and immaterial art. Here the same attitude to the existing spaces was taken, ensuring that new structures and events would exist in harmony with it.


technical information

Project Start: 2014
Project Completion: 2015
Area of Intervention: 4122m²
Design Development: Gustavo Cedroni, Martin Corullon, Helena Cavalheiro, Juliana Ziebell
Collaborators: Luis Tavares, Marina Pereira, Marina Cecchi.
Photography: Ilana Bessler and Romullo Baratto