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The expansion project of the São Paulo Museum of Art is part of the process initiated in 2014, in which a new management of the institution promoted the gradual recovery of the building designed by Lina Bo Bardi. This process, in which METRO has been involved since the beginning, resulted in the return of the Crystal Easels, the museum’s original exhibition system, new exhibition systems, and various infrastructure interventions such as security, air conditioning, and restoration. Our involvement in this process allowed us to contribute a proposal for the occupation of the building adjacent to MASP – the Dumont Adams building, completed in 1958 and donated to MASP in 2006 – whose works had been halted in 2012. The new architectural project, by METRO ARQUITETOS, builds upon the project by Architect Júlio Neves and proposes the partial demolition of the existing concrete structure and the construction of an underground connection between the two buildings, allowing for the full functional integration of the complex, both technically and publicly. The expansion of exhibition areas, public reception, and operational facilities – such as art handling, a new conservation and restoration laboratory, and dedicated classroom space – is included. The construction will increase the museum’s area by 6,945 m² with new gallery floors, classrooms, technical reserve, restoration laboratory, restaurant, shop, and event areas, expanding the activities carried out today and increasing visitor capacity.

The new volume of the building consists of a regular rectangular prism on a transparent base with public access, creating a discreet background for the main building. A skin of perforated metal unifies the facades and allows for the control of lighting and temperature required for the display of artworks. The project employs the most advanced technologies available for museum air conditioning, lighting, and security systems. The materials used – exposed concrete, steel, glass, and stone, together with industrialized systems – allow for the configuration of spaces suitable for contemporary museum standards and reference the characteristics of MASP, ensuring the architectural integration of the complex.



Visitor access is provided both from Professor Otávio Mendes Street – where the museum’s ticket office and shop are located – and from Paulista Avenue. In this space, the public will have access to services of a restaurant/café. The first floor features a multipurpose area, with an indoor space prepared to host exhibitions and events, and a terrace overlooking the Lina Bo Bardi Building. The spaces dedicated exclusively to exhibitions occupy 5 floors with a ceiling height of 5 meters. They are spacious and flexible areas that can be easily adapted to each exhibition project.

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