The idea of ​​urban infrastructure is intrinsic to pragmatic parties and practical forms. The proposed railway ring project to connect Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay, discusses the design of infrastructure with architecture thought.

One of the discussions we had was about the historical past of the four countries involved. The objective is to try to rescue the export economy of Paraguay, which was practically extinguished after the war against the triple. In addition to the possibility of closer relations between these nations.

The area surrounded by the trails is extremely irrigated. With this, there is the interest of creating a preservation pocket, not untouchable, but that could generate wealth through these natural resources.

They are about 3400 km long, with the most extensive stretch of 1400 km. The trail would only be aerial in specific cases: in the presence of valleys, canals, and basins.

technical information

Architecture project: Metro + Gualano
Team: Mateo leite, Mariana Cecilio, Gabriela Detomasi, Alejandro Varela, Joaquin Blanco, Andres Capurro, Elena Casarotti, Martin Cortela, Sofia Fernandez, Franco Castglioni, Patricio Duarte, Santiago La Buonora, Agustin Viera, Leonel Coitinho, Carolina Castelló , Juan, Martín Archimaut, Juan Manuel Mendez, Vicente González-Arnao, Iván Lewczuk, Mateo Sallés

The project was carried out during a workshop in Montevidéo.