The urbanization project for the Praça do Cinema Glauber Rocha square and for Ladeira da Barroquinha took into considerations, among other aspects, the importance of built heritage and the conciliation of the diverse existing and desired uses for this important axis of connection in the Historical Center of Bahia’s capital.

The square, due to its elevated character in comparison to the surroundings, had the natural potential to become a belvedere looking towards the Igreja da Barroquinha church or to the Baía de Todos os Santos bay. There were, however, two kinds of public : those coming out of the bus stop towards the Historical Center on a straight path, and those who want to attend local artisanal leather stores without being in a hurry.

Therefore, the design of this large staircase is the result of the organization of the uses; a confortable continuous staircase that allows for a quick walk and that unfolds into a sequence of plateaus that insinuate a slower pace.

The materials chosen are the same as those found in the whole Historical Center, namely portuguese mosaic stone floors and massive granite in the thresholds. The mostly curved granite pieces were all laser cut – a way to expose the time to which the project belongs through the technique used upon the same material from the past.

Client: Banco itaú / Prefeitura Municipal de Salvador
Project Start: November 2013
Project Completion: 2015
Total Construction Area: 2,440 m²
Architectural Design: Gustavo Cedroni, Martin Corullon.
Collaborators: Marcelo Macedo, Miki Itabashi, Rafael de Sousa,Isadora Marchi, Luiz Tavares, Flavio Bragaia.
Lighting Design: Ricardo Heder.
Landscape: Ricardo Vianna.
Infrastructure: P.K.M. e Usina de Projetos