The exhibition Mauro Restiffe: Post-Soviet Russia 1995-2015 is the result of the experiences of the artist during two periods spent living in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The first occurred at the end of the 1990s, when Russia had recently left the Soviet Union. The second began in 2015 following an invitation to document the transformation of a former USSR dining hall into a new cultural space for Moscow – The Garage Museum – the eventually site of the exhibition in 2016. the transformation was completed by the Rem Koolhaas’ OMA.

METRO’s curatorial role in the project began with a series of meetings with the artist to assist in the selection of works. In addition, collaborating with Restiffe to establish the narrative of the exhibition; creating a series of collection and establishing relationships of proximity. The role also included accounting for the specific material considerations of each work such as the selection of frames, their mode of installation and the relationship to supporting information, such as titles and introductory texts.

Following this process, thoughts were given to the exhibition space itself. These initial principles propose a certain occupation of the exhibition space, making the serialization of works possible. At the same time, the idea was to establish an open dialogue with the building and a strong visual presence. Thus, two large panels of approximately 25 meters each were created. Mounted parallel to one and other, they create long perspectives whose central point of flight are elements of the building. The collections of photographs were mounted on these surfaces. Spread over two levels, and distributed in varied rhythms, they result in a composition of visual delicacy that also becomes a relevant part of the exhibition.


technical information

Project Start: December 2015
Exhibition Opening: April 2016
Address: The Garage Museum, Moscow, Russia
Exhibition Area: 390 m²
Exhibition Design: Martin Corullon, Gustavo Cedroni, Helena Cavalheiro, Juliana Ziebell, Manuela Porto, Gabriela Santana, Bruna Canepa, Amanda Amicis
Curator: Snejana Krasteva
Photos: Martin Corullon [Hanging], Mauro Restiffe [Exhibition]