The New Leme Gallery was built in 2011 just two blocks away from its original site. It is in fact a reconstruction of the first building designed by Paulo Mendes da Rocha and Metro Architects, which was demolished in the latter part of 2011. The design is essentially a reproduction of the original, but includes a new structure, in the form of a 9mx9m cube, which is connected to the main building by a footbridge on the upper floor.


The rebirth of this set of buildings is the result of the negotiation of the owner of the gallery with a large construction company who bought the entire block in which the old gallery was located in order to construct a commercial building. This is one aspect of the process of rapid urban transformation that is typical of the city of Sao Paulo.




Project Start: 2011
Project Completion: Janurary 2012
Site Area: 592 m²
Constructed Area: 554 m²
Architectural Design: Paulo Medes da Rocha, Martin Corullon e Gustavo Cedroni
Collaborators: Alfonso Simelio, Bruno Jin Young Kim, Ricardo Canton, Filipe dos Santos Barrocas, Antonia Peña, Pedro Mesquita, Isadora Marchi, Marina Ioshii, Luis Tavares.
Construction: sm3
Lighting Design: Ricardo Heder
Structure: Cia. de Projetos – Heloísa Maringoni