After many years of using standardized, patterned and colored, traditional cement tiles in our bespoke projects, metro have decided to create and launch our line of signature tiles with designs that reflect our aesthetic style. Originally designed for three specific residential projects, Casa BN and the apartments at Joaquim Antunes Street in São Paulo, these will now be produced on a large scale and marketed nationwide by our partner and traditional manufacturer, Brasil Imperial.

The principle behind the four different patterns, linha, triângulo, trapézio and rizoma is the use of straight lines arranged in a simple manner alongside tiles of continuous color. This allows for a great variety of possible combinations, using the minimalistic geometry of each design to create new compositions with a degree of intricacy appropriate to each project.

The four designs are all a mixture of frost white with one of nine colors developed especially for this collection. All of these colours come in a distinctive matte finish that is unique to the traditional craft of encaustic cement tiles. The figure-ground relationship – either colored lines on a white background or it’s opposite – will also depend on the desired effect for a given environment. The use of soft colors with less contrast makes for discrete and luminous, light-reflecting surfaces that combine well with many types of furniture or carpet without a conflict of color or texture.

Date of Project: January 2016
Design Concept: Martin Corullon, Gustavo Cedroni, Helena Cavalheiro, Luís Tavares, Marina Ioshii, Fabiana Steele, Manuela Porto, Rafael de Sousa, Gabriela Santana, Marina Cecchi
Manufacturer & Distribution: Brasil Imperial
Photos: Ilana Bessler and Gianfranco Vacani [assistant]

Special Thanks: André Cunha, Artos Cenografia, estudiobola, Galeria Leme, Lumini, Pair, ovo, Reka Iluminação, Selvvva