It’s a sample project that can be deployed on any terrain as the system is adaptable to different topographies and dimensions. As a party, we take into consideration the concepts of continuity and flexibility. As a result, we have a prefabricated modular system product that builds a unique space for play, learning, and living together.

Continuous elements composed by a set of tubes and metal connections act as a support to the playful and functional components. Through a basic element grammar – junctions with different angles and bars of varying lengths – it is possible to obtain different spatial configurations.

playful components
Items for the use of children and adolescents – children’s toys.

functional components
Items for rest, permanence and contemplation – urban equipment – that cater to the adult public and the elderly.


technical information

Data do projeto: 2017
Projeto de arquitetura: Gustavo Cedroni e Martin Corullon
Colaboradores: Helena Cavaleiro e Juliana Ziebel