The 12th Architecture Biennial took place in two different spaces: the São Paulo cultural center (CCSP) and the SESC 24 de Maio. The great challenge of designing the exhibition was to think of these two spaces that would host the event in different ways.

The CCSP received exposure with open call works, so we thought of using a more familiar language. We thought in structures that could organize the space and define how the works were to be exposed. The holders used were taken from the center’s collection; we just gave the necessary maintenance.

While at SESC were exhibited ten specific works produced by architects invited by the curators. Then we determined a different proposal. The main work in this part of the biennial was to make possible the projects that would be exhibited there. We assumed that the interventions and the building itself merged.

technical information

Project date: 2019
Architectural project: Gustavo Cedroni and Martin Corullon
Collaborators: Stella Bloise e Mateus Loschi
Curatorchip: Charlotte Malterre-Barthes, Ciro Miguel and Vanessa Grossman
Site area: 74 500 m²
Built area: 2 277 m²
Structure project: Heloisa Maringoni- Companhia de Projetos
Completion: Instituto de Arquitetos do Brasil – IAB
Scenography and construction: Artos Cenografia (CCSP) e DDF Produções Cinematográficas (SESC)
Graphic design: Estúdio Campo e Estúdio Margem