This project is composed by three structures placed in a 2200 sqm garden, in a residential neighborhood in São Paulo.
The main construction is a pavilion for the exhibition and storage of an important private contemporary and modern Brazilian art collection.
It is a simple volume, with 5.5 m wide by 28 m long, made by two concrete walls and a steel structure as a roof. Besides a central rounded skylight, a gap between the roof and the walls allows for natural lightning. The pavilion has two different floor-to-ceiling heights.
The second structure is a concrete cube that houses a guest room in two levels.
As a complementary structure there is an irregular wooden grid covered by glass, supported by only three steel columns, that covers an area of 80 sqm.


Project Start: April 2012
Site Area: 1,020 m²
Constructed Area: 250 m²
Architectural Design: Martin Corullon, Gustavo Cedroni, Anna Ferrari.
Collaborators: Marina Ioshii, Bruno Kim, Francisca Lopes, Isadora Marchi, Luis Tavares, Marcelo E. M. Macedo, Rafael de Sousa.
Engineering: Companhia de Projetos, Eng. Heloisa Maringone.
Timber Structure: Ita Construtora, Eng. Hélio Olga.
Electrical: Sinsmel, Eng. M Lindolfo Batista.
Lighting Design: Lux, Ricardo Heder.
Landscaping: Bonsai, Ricardo Vianna
Project Management: Marcondes Ferraz Engenharia.